How diabetes makes you a fighter

We often forget, but having diabetes is not exactly a walk in the park. If you manage it well; you watch your diet, take your insulin shots, monitor your blood glucose, … no problem. But if you’re in denial, you have difficulty coping with it or it’s just too much for you to handle, then you are in trouble.

The body can only withstand so much exposure to higher levels of blood glucose before showing symptoms of deterioration due to this hyperglycaemia (excess amount of glucose in the bloodstream).

I strongly urge you to read this article. If you want to read about how diabetes can make you stronger, a fighter, then this article is for you. Sia Figiel, the women this article is about lost her mother who got her leg amputated, and her father who died from a heart attack all due to complications of diabetes. She got diagnosed with the disease herself during this time. Ever since her diagnosis she struggled with it. She didn’t eat what the dietician told her to and didn’t inject the insulin shots in the right amount. Her son had to continuously inject the insulin for her as she was incapable.

“The fact that my life was being saved by a child shamed me”

Sia eventually turned her life around eating right, educating herself on diabetes and exercising regularly. However her body suffered severe damage anyway and she had to remove all her teeth due to extended hyperglycaemic exposure.

“my dentist told me that I had advanced periodontal disease and all my teeth had to be removed. Not effectively controlling my diabetes had proven too much for my gums”

Advanced Periodontal Disease makes your bone thin loosening your teeth. In my opinion, this could have been prevented had she taken care of her body and acknowledged her condition earlier. below you can view a video where she has all her teeth removed. Sia wants to spread awareness of diabetes so she posted this video on youtube. I want to warn you it’s rather uncomfortable to watch.

What do you think about this? Could she have saved herself earlier?


4 responses to “How diabetes makes you a fighter

  1. Of course she could have done this earlier, but as you said before we can probably never fully understand what she went through because we (or at least I) have simply never experienced anything like her situation. So while she certainly had the physical capabilities to do so, we cannot judge how easy/hard this was for her.

  2. @ShortDee I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope the research I’m performing brings us a step closer to finding a cure for this horrible disease.
    @pietertierens Yes of course but you have to admit she might have some regrets concerning the way the handled things, don’t you think? In her case, she was ‘lucky’ only to have lost her teeth but imagine worse..

  3. This is of course a very difficult question… Could have someone who died of long cancer because of smoking saved himself? Perhaps she didn’t know the consequences of such a behavior… With her movie she obviously tries to warn people who are going the same way.

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