Goodbye Stevia, Hello Tequila!

You’re all going to like this post!

I came across this article, Tequila sugars might help fight obesity and diabetes. It opened a new world for me and I’m sure it will also open a new world for you… at least if you’re a fan of Tequila.

Apparently, the natural sugars in tequila plants from which the alcoholic drink Tequila is made, called Agavins, have a suppressing effect on your appetite. The Agavins kick-starts the production and release of GLP-1 hormone in the brain that cascades a whole bunch of effects:

  • it makes the pancreatic Beta cells release more insulin, so more glucose is taken up from the blood stream (so the negative effects from too much glucose in the blood for to long, resulting in diabetes among others, are decreased)
  • it increases production of Beta cells, resulting in more insulin releasing capacity
  • it increases the ISG (remember, Insulin Secretory Granules that contain insulin) post-translational processing, because more ISGs is more available insulin to be released
  • it decreases food intake by increasing satiety (opposite of feeling hungry) in the brain
  • most importantly maybe is that the hormone reduces the release of stomach acids and gastric emptying of the stomach resulting in the earlier full feeling after eating

All these effects make you feel full quicker, less hungry and increases the uptake of glucose from your blood faster.

This could be an interesting preventive solution for obese people as they feel satisfied earlier.

Also for diabetics or pre-diabetics this can prevent the development of the side-effects of the disease like heart conditions, kidney problems, blindness, etc. or it could prevent diabetes all together by reducing the amount of glucose in the blood which can be damaging after residing in the blood stream for too long.

I’m not saying we should all start drinking a Tequila shot per day but I think this natural sugar has the potential to become the world’s healthiest sweetener as the annual increase of obese people and diabetics doesn’t look promising.


To good health, cheers!!


6 responses to “Goodbye Stevia, Hello Tequila!

  1. I also saw this article passing by, the best excuse ever to drink a tequila shot! 🙂 So I assume that they are now (planning on) trying to extract this natural substance from its source?
    And alright, it seems to have many positive effects, but didn’t stevia also had so much positive things? I remember when stevia was discovered (and published) that everyone had an “eureka feeling”, so maybe this is also the case with these agavins?

  2. Would one shot of tequila be enough because if more shots are necessary, than people can’t be drinking all day long! It would be irresponsible and not that healthy if you start drinking in the morning!

  3. As Pieter-Jan stated it would not be about drinking tequila, but extracting the beneficial sugars.
    I am concerned about these though, because sweeteners can be useful, but apparently they do have a certain effect on the body since the body is trained to react to a sweet taste. Furthermore, people with a sweet tooth could still be feeding into their habit, whilst they should be creating more healthy habits.

  4. As with Stevia I assume they will start looking for an economical procedure to extract these agavins to be able to do so in bulk. But I must agree with you Lore, like with Stevia, it was going to be the mirakel surrogate for sugar but to this day it still hasn’t penetrated the market as people expected it to. Maybe with the right marketing strategies it will be different for Agavins. Although I think this sweetener has an advantage over Stevia: if you are obese or diabetic and you learn that this can help you with your disease, I wouldn’t hesitate.
    Elias, it certainly isn’t the goal to make people drink Tequila. I’m merely saying that they discovered that the natural sugars in the tequila plant have these remarkable effects and they will probably try to find a way to extract them.
    I agree, Pieter, that people should start their own healthy habits as well but why not help them achieve their goals using this healthier variant for sweeting things?

    • Stevia has been (or still is, don’t know) available in normal supermarkets and I myself also bought it some years ago. I really didn’t liked the taste that it gave (some kind of bitterness, I think). But maybe, if they are able to extract these agavins, it will not have such a bad taste (in my opinion of course). I think I would buy it then, just to try it out! And indeed, it would be great for all the people who have those kind of health issues, if it can help them without the need to take in a lot of it 🙂

  5. Yes, but I think in the case of Stevia the additives play an important role in the taste. You see concentrated Stevia is so sweet that they add all kinds of things to diminish the effect. I think if they reconsider this composition to taste more like conventional sugar, they might see sales go up.

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